04 May 2019


Tax season is over so there should be a decline in "IRS" calls.

4 May 2019
  424-999-0122  Torrance, CA - Talk about evil Empire...Star Wars Day.  Getting a call on a Saturday is usually no surprise, but on an International Holiday like Star Wars Day.  This is blasphemy.

They left a voicemail.  Do you know what is interesting about this?  I checked the number against Bank of America branches in Torrance. Guess what...prepared to be shocked.  This number does not match any numbers in any branch within a thirty mile radius.  Fuck you!

7 May 2019
  214-556-6518  Plano, TX - Auto blocked by Call Protect before the call even came through and marked as "Fraud Risk". Call Protect, thank you. Telemarketers, fuck you!

8 May 2019
  251-239-3024  Bay Minette, AL - Aw...too bad.  Bay Minette sounds like a cute place in the south.  Well, it is shit now, thanks to it being a telemarketer hub.  Honestly, I know nothing about Bay Minette.  Anyway, good old AT&T marketed this as a telemarketer call...and since I was in a meeting, that gave me two reasons to ignore this call.  Fuck you!

9 May 2019
  310-849-1542  Beverly Hills, CA - Packed week.  Three calls in three days, from three different locations.  Fuck you!

10 May 2019
  310-389-3624  Los Angeles, CA - Like I said, packed week...and with a little variety.  Four calls in four days from four different locations.  I wonder if they will cal tomorrow, on a Saturday...and from where?  Fuck you!

13 May 2019
  310-849-5626  Beverly Hills, CA - Today is Top Gun Day. Boy, it would be awesome to buzz the tower of a telemarketer.  Maybe launch a missile at their building...no, too close...switching to guns.  Speaking of Top Gun, here is to keeping up foreign relations...Fuck you!

18 May 2019
  714-746-5084 Anaheim, CA - A text message.  Obviously, another scam.

 This also appears a spoofed number was used to send this text.  Not your usual scam here.  We have an attempt to contact on a Saturday, a text, a text from a spoofed number.  That a rare occurrence.

Other things that bug me.
  • There should be no space between "Hi" and the comma.
  • Reward?  Should be something like "gift card".  Not like I found a lost cat, so I would not receive a reward.
  • Cannot recall the last time I shopped at Amazon.  Months? Years?  So, you are just now getting back to me on my shopping experience?  How can one possibly remember that far back?  What did I buy?
  • Yeah.  Not going to the link provided.
Fuck you!

21 May 2019
  310-849-5011  Beverly Hills. CA - So no call on Sunday or Monday...must be recovering from Game of Thrones Series Finale?

What the shit!  Calling me at 08:09?  Fuck you!

28 May 2019
  310-752-2789  Santa Monica, CA - You guessed it, another spoofed number.  Although, I am surprised they took a week break, including Memorial Day.  Last few days of the month, so surely there will be a push to meet their numbers.  Fuck you!

29 May 2019
  310-849-7434 Beverly Hills, CA - Call coming in just before 9AM.  Early worm gets the bird*.  Fuck you!

*Yes, I know I said that wrong...that is the joke.

30 May 2019
  310-849-2005  Beverly Hills, CA - Being consistent is a good thing.  See if these bastards can finish out the week.  Fuck you!

  657-295-7587  Anaheim, CA -  They

  657-295-7587  Anaheim, CA -  Called

  657-295-7587  Anaheim, CA -   Five

  657-295-7587  Anaheim, CA -   Times!

  657-295-7587  Anaheim, CA -  Yeah, five times in less than a minute.  Luckily, Call Protect intercepted the calls before it even got to me.

Look at this shit!  A for effort, F for Fuck you!