06 January 2012

Random Thoughts V

It is a new year, and here are some random thoughts. 

Today, back in 1925, John Zachary DeLorean was born.  He would have turned 86 today.  I am wearing a DeLorean shirt in celebration and drove the car in most of the week.  It had been about a month since I had driven, it still runs great...good enough.

Speaking of DeLorean...I am going to be a guest speaker at the DeLorean Car Show in Orlando, Florida in June.  I will be talking about how I got the DeLorean into the Hot Wheels line, and small bit of trivia about the history of the DeLorean in relation to Hot Wheels.  I just started working on the presentation this week, I got  about six months to work it out.  Hopefully, I can pull it off.

Going into my third year of ownership.  No big plans for any upgrades on the car.  Just going to enjoy the car and try not to spend any money on the car, other than fueling up.  I had some major work done on it last year including lowering the front end and major tune up.  I guess most of that money will be spent on the DeLorean Car Show.


Since I had a minor set back at the end of 2010, I did not get to ride my bike much. So, the plan is to get out there this year and put some miles on that bike.  Of course, I have to chose between riding the bike to work or driving the car to work.  I want to get back into shape.  Been kinda slacking off in the exercise department.

Hockey season for me should start back up in a few weeks.  Those first few games are going to be painful.  I hope to be up there amongst the team leaders in scoring.  In fact, I am thinking of buying a new hockey stick in hope that it will help my game.  I still kinda suck, but at least I will have a hockey stick made in this century.


When I went to visit my parents, I totally raided the Hot Wheels bin at the store and scored over 50 cars.  As usually, I only buy the cars that I 'designed'.  So, I got a good amount of the cars I did for the 2011 Line.  Lots of Time Machines, Batmobiles, and A-Team Vans.  I even found my first Treasure Hunt.

There will be three vehicles that I 'designed' in the 2012 line.  Two will be in the Basic/Mainline, while the other will be in one of the Collector lines.  More information as release dates get closer.


Did you see Mission Impossible:  Ghost Protocol yet?  You know I love Tom Cruise and  how I love (most of) his movies...Ghost Protocol is AWESOME!  And, I am not just saying that because Tom Cruise is in it.  It is really a good movie...not great, but very good.  If you like to see Tom Cruise running, there is a lot of  him running in this movie.  See, I need to get in shape so I can run around like Ethan Hunt.


In other news, I am totally addicted to Angry Birds.  I have to say that is it the best one dollar you can spend...other than a Hot Wheels car.  That one dollar has lasted me a few months now.

Found this little Back to the Future reference on level 14-5.  Notice what is clearly the Time Machine, with the flux bands and reactor vents.  You can see a representation of the clock tower.  They even kinda added the gargoyles from the clock.

Back to the Future level on Angry Birds

That is all I have for now.  Stay tuned for the usual crap that goes on here.

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