25 April 2011

Major Service and Tune

I took the DeLorean to Garden Grove two weeks ago to have the brakes and fuel consumption looked at after I (ok, Brendon) lowered the front.  Along with an alignment and getting it smogged, it was time for a major service and tune.  It just passed the 30,000 mile mark, so it is time to have things looked at.  So, here is the list of things that was done: 

-Change oil, filter, and lube front end fittings
-Change transmission oil and filter if needed
-Lube speedometer angle drive unit
-Re-torque main body bolts
-Check tires & pressure and spare tire pressure
-Replace Lambda sensor and reset light
-Replace spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor and wires
-Adjust valves and replace gaskets
-Lube door key cylinder and hinges
-Flush cooling system and check hoses, radiator, and pump
-Reset timing and fuel mixture
-Replace drive belts
-Check lights, horns, wipers, and windshield
-Check brake fluid
-Check clutch fluid
-Check battery and charging system
-Check brake pads

Check for DeLorean Updates:

-Front end recall kit
-Relay update
-Ball joint update
-De-ice Kit
-Engine cooling pipe

All that, along with replacing the master cylinder came out to $1663.  Not too bad, I was expecting a little more.  I drove it home and it felt great.  Everything just seemed a little better.  I can tell right away that the brakes were working properly.  I had been driving around for a year with crappy brakes.  Seems like the fuel consumption is better.  Only had about a quarter tank when I dropped it off.  Usually at that mark, I need to refuel.  Made it all the way home and the fuel warning light only came on when I was at an incline.  Will get gas in the morning the next time I take it out.

Oh, and i finally get to renew my registration.  So, I almost spent $2000, today. 

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