23 January 2012

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise is awesome

Yeah, I know I am over a month late on this one.  But, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is an awesome movie.  I am not just say that because Tom Cruise is in it...and you know how much I love Tom Cruise.  And of course, I saw it on opening day...on IMAX!

This is the first live action film directed by Brad Bird.  You know him from such great hits as The Simpsons, Iron Giant, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille.  For you Pixar fans, there are at least three direct references to Pixar in Ghost Protocol.  Keep your eye out for A113 through out the film.

I do not want to give away too much, in case you have not seen it.  This fourth film of the series is the best of the bunch.  The first one is good, second one is okay, third is great...this one is awesome! If you like to see Tom Cruise run, this is the one to see.  Slight tangent, have you noticed that the Tom Cruise likes to run in his movies.  I mean, the guy really likes to run.  I think it is in his contract.

Anyway, the iconic scene of the movie has to be the Dubai scene.  You have seen clips of this, unless you have no media access...in which case, you would not be reading this.  Actually, why are you reading this, go see the movie.  Uh...yeah. This is the iconic scene where our hero, Ethan Hunt (my hero, Tom Cruise) is climbing the world's tallest building.  Oh man, this was fun to watch.  Obviously, with a movie like this, one should just sit back and have fun.  But there are certain scenes were you are at the edge of your seat. 

Let me get to the point.  This is worth the price of the ticket, I would say worth the price to see on IMAX.  There is tons of action as one would expect.  I love the fantasy tech that is usually showcased in the series.  Also, Simon Pegg is there to sprinkle some comic relief.  Although, I think the funniest line came from Tom Cruise during the Dubai scene.  Jeremy Renner joins the gang to add a little 'youth' and action.  Rumour has it that the torch would be passed to Renner should Cruise decided to 'retire' from the IMF.  Paula Patton does a good job as the part of  'hot spy chick'.  Nice moves and great eye candy.

J.J. Abrams comes back, this time as a producer. While Michael Giacchino returns as composer.  Yes, I bought the soundtrack.  This was a great production team and cast that Cruise and Abrams put together. I hope they make another one with more of Tom running.  Until then, I eagerly wait for the Blu-Ray to be released.

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