14 January 2012

Cammalleri Back with the Flames

Cammalleri will wear number 93
Oh man, I am excited about the Flames again.  The Calgary Flames made a trade with the Montreal Canadiens. The trade that brought back Mike Cammalleri, some goaltender, and a 2012 draft pick to Harvey's house while sending Rene Bourque, some prospect, and a 2013 draft pick to Youppi's house.  Basically, Bourque for Cammalleri.

I have always been a fan of Cammalleri, ever since his days in Los Angeles.  I was excited when he played in Calgary, disappointed when he left.  Now, he is back.  Cammalleri will play his first game against his other former team, the Kings.  So, we have a player traded back to his former team and make his debut against another former team.

Also, in tonight's game.  We have brother vs. brother as former Flames GM/coach, Darryl Sutter, now coach of the Kings returns to Calgary to take on his brother, Brent Sutter, head coach of Calgary Flames.  Oh, this is exciting.

Cammalleri celebrates with Mikael Backlund.  Cammalleri scored the only goal in a 4-1 loss to the Kings.

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