03 December 2010


So it begins, the December edition of this series.  You people are fucking terrorists.  I hope you fucking die a slow painful death.  Actually, when you need help, I hope your phone does not work.  In fact, you can only receive calls from telemarketers.  That will be your last memory in life.  FUCK YOU!

30 December 2010
   612-615-5898  MN, USA (via text message.  You guess it same fucking text as previous ones.  Another 20 cents you fucknuggets owe me.)

23 December 2010
   510-456-8581 CA, USA (via text message.  Same message as yesterday...another 20 cents you owe me.)

22 December 2010
  815-382-3294  IL, USA  (via text message.  You fuckers owe me 20 cents)

21 December 2010
   914-339-5611  NY, USA
   914-339-5611  NY, USA
   973-805-1141  NJ, USA
   914-339-5611  NY, USA  (Yep, three times in one day, five times in two days)

20 December 2010
   914-339-5611  NY, USA (Yeah, had my phone turned off for a while on vacation.  But these fuckers are right back on it.  Actually, I am pretty sure they tried to call while my phone was off.  What a bunch of assholes.)
   914-339-5611  NY, USA (Twice in one day)

9 December 2010
   404-891-6682  GA, USA 

8 December 2010
   646-558-6569  NY, USA
   561-379-8526  NY, USA (via text message)

5 December 2010  
   612-808-5589  MN, USA
   516-453-6736  NY, USA
   612-808-5589  MN, USA (Not a typo, called twice in one day...or eight times so far)
   918 442 0768  OK, USA

4 December 2010
   Blocked - What, too much of a pussy to show your real number?

3 December 2010
   612-808-5589  MN, USA
   786-358-6642  FL, USA

2 December 2010
   612-808-5589  MN, USA

The only good thing about this is it pretty much ensures that I post at least once a month. But still, FUCK YOU!

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