05 September 2011

FUCK YOU, STOP CALLING ME - September 2011

New policy.  Even though I know it is fucking useless and a most likely a scam, I am going to report numbers to Do Not Call.  I am running out of creative things to say about each call.  Although it does force me to come up with shit that no one reads.  Actually, if you Google some numbers, it will lead you to this blog.

Again, I usually post these series of posts around the middle of the month.  This gives the terrorists a chance to rack up some numbers and so you are not just reading on one or two numbers.  But, since we have another record breaker this month, I have decided to post.  I am going to wait a while to report this number, just to see how many calls I can get in a day.  Yeah, I said a day.  Previous record for calls in a day was three from one number...and five total.  On Labour Day, I got SIX from one number.  Enjoy the rant.

1 September 2011
   213-337-0334  Los Angeles, CA   Fifth call, could be their last if Do Not Call actually works.  These guys were slacking off, not putting up the numbers as others.  I do not think they really want to talk to me.

   508-475-1968 MA, USA   Second call.  See, at least they are consistent by not skipping any days.  Take note, Los Angeles.

2 September 2011
   508-475-1968 MA, USA   Third call.  Trying to update this blog on an iPhone is kinda hard. Yet, nothing will stop me from exposing these terrorists.

5 September 2011
   508-475-1968 MA, USA  ARE

   508-475-1968 MA, USA  YOU

   508-475-1968 MA, USA  FUCKING

   508-475-1968 MA, USA   KIDDING

   508-475-1968 MA, USA   ME?!?

   508-475-1968 MA, USA  Yeah, SIX fucking calls in one day.  New record for calls in one day, and calls from one number in one day.  FUCK YOU!  This brings their total to nine calls, again in record time.

Really?  My mom does not call me this much...in a month.
6 September 2011
   508-475-1968 MA, USA  Ten calls in four days.  Should this be considered stallking?  I can get a restraining order for this shit, right?

14 September 2011
  603-214-3655 NH, USA  What?  You guys took a week off?  Do we need anymore proof that these people are terrorists?  Obviousy, they were planning on anniversary attacks...but now that the time has passed, they are back to the phones.  Fucking assholes!

16 September 2011
   1111440601  Some fucking text.  Damn it, that just cost me twenty cents

   1111440600  What the fuck?  Another fucking text, and another twenty cents.  I wonder if I can report text messages. 

19 September 2011
   818-310-6916  Los Angeles, CA  What is with these people that call six times a day, and not calling back.  Here we have a new caller.  Though it may seem legit, meaning I see no entries on Google for this number, I am still going to report it.  Yeah, I will report wrong numbers.  I do not care, I did not get a phone to communicate with people.

20 September 2011
   201-779-9546  Wayne, NJ  Via text.  "You have been choosen to recieve a FREE $50 Target Gift voucher Call 1-866-938-9161 to redeem.  TXT STOP TO STOP"  Yeah, thanks.  Both numbers will be reported...and you owe me twenty cents, in addition to the $50.

21 September 2011
   917-793-5694  NY, USA  Return caller, this is their third call.  Smart to space it out, but I keep records.  At least they left a message...well, it was a recording from Financial Freedom, and Kathy sounds like a fat chick.  So, Kathy and Financial Freedom will be reported.

28 September 2011
   971-220-1019  Gresham, OR  I actually missed this call, did not hear the phone ring.  I guess my noise cancelling headphones really work

   971-220-1019  Gresham, OR   Oh, how fucking nice.  They figured since I did not pick up the first time, they would call back four hours later.  Awesome, this means I get to report you, twice.  Fuck face!

   971-220-1019  Gresham, OR  Three times in one day.  You are half way there, the record is six.  Bring it, bitch!

   971-220-1019  Gresham, OR  Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you...one more, fuck you!  Two more and you tie the record.  I wonder if the Do Not Call registery will take my reports seriously.

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Anonymous said...


I was getting several calls a day from them as well.

My suggestion....

Check out AT&T's website to get into your account and see if you can block the number through AT&T.

I am Verizon and just did it through my account today (through the Verizon website).

Good Luck! I agree with a comment on another blog. Someone should fire bomb their offices (in Plano, Tx apparently).