07 December 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 127, 129, 130, 131

We got another shipment a few days ago.  Nothing was built, because...surprise...another issues is on back order.  Here is what we got

Issues 127,129,130,131

Issue 127 – Plutonium Case Lid


Contents of Issue 127

There are some cute tiny parts in this Issue, including those tiny MP screws.  I guess I can put this together and wait for the next issue.  Speaking of next issue, Issue 128 is the base of the case.  It may be a while before that issue is available.

 Issue 129 – Plutonium Case Inserts


Contents of Issue 129

Spacers and foam lining for the plutonium case.

Issue 130 – Plutonium

Contents of Issue 130

Twelve canisters, with twelve rods of plutonium for the case.  There are even twelve little stickers for each of the rods that we will need to apply.  Also comes with a clock, I assume it is the dash clock. 

Here is where the original 130 issues ends.  At this point, we have the car completed (back in issue 126) and another four issues to build the plutonium case.  We already know that that subscription was extended to and additional 20 issues for a total of 150 issues. 

 What else is there to build?  Well, you know.  We knew this since we got the white wall wheels, at least a year ago.  Of course, since there are 1955 wheels, we need the hood box to complete that look.  Well, we have also received random issues and know that there are also train wheels and a train track for display.  They got to milk another 20 issues somehow.

Issue 131 – Hood Box

So, we begin on the hood box.  This is the base, and it has tiny LED's for light up.  No building means no screw count, so until next time.  Next shipment is on the way.  Surprise, Issue 128 is not on the manifest.  This is what we will do, we will build the Hood Box and, as usual, wait for the back order issues to arrive.

...to be continued

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