03 November 2020


Starting out the new month with a time change.  Sleep schedule will be wonky for about a week.  Seems like the change of time may have affected some robots.  Took about two days for the our first call of the month.

3 November 2020
  714-908-2962  Midway City, CA -  This has spoofed number written all over it.  I wonder if this is a polling call.  Little late, but as mentioned many times, time change messed with everything.  Fuck you!

4 November 2020
  949-570-8836  Irvine, CA - Well, election is over.  We are still waiting for results as of this call.  So, I wonder what this call is about.  Very unlikely to be a wrong number, highly likely a spoofed call.  Fuck you!

5 November 2020
    714-523-7287  Buena Park, CA - This call came in at nearly 9PM.  Who the fuck calls this late?  Have you seen me?  If anyone needs their beauty sleep, it is me.  

Update:  A voicemail was left


Note that the number of origin is different from the call back number.  Of course, we did a quick search of the call back number.  This message has been left on multiple voicemails, while the origin number differs, the call back number is the same. Fuck you!

6 November 2020
  800-692-7753 - Be careful of this one.  Those sneaky telemarketers, they are spoofing this number from Apple and trying to trick you into thinking there is a data breach.  Here is a recent article on the scam

Fuck you!

  800-692-7753 - Wait, they cold called twice.  Fuck you, again

9 November 2020
  310-849-3121 - Beverly Hills, CA - Classic hits of telemarketing.  This call comes from our familiar friends in Beverly Hills.  Perhaps you remember this oldie, too...fuck you!

10 November 2020
  310-426-9695  El Segundo, CA - Looks like calls are coming in from California this month.  Patiently waiting for the next call from some place other than California.  Fuck you!

12 November 2020
  510-564-2455  Oakland, CA - Keeping up with the California calls, we got one from the East Bay, in the city of Oakland.  Oakland is one of those rare sports cities that had baseball and football in the same stadium...and basketball and hockey literally right across the parking lot.  Concerts could be held indoors at the arena or outdoors at the stadium.  Well, most of those teams are gone and with this pandemic, nothing is happening.  Looks like you already done got fucked.

  310-555-2745  Los Angeles, CA - Holy shit! A call from a 555 number.  I wonder what movie is calling me.  Maybe it is a Tarantino film, then I could pick up an appropriately say, "Fuck you!"

17 November 2020
  310-504-5248  Redondo Beach, CA - This is your typical spoofed number.  So, fuck you!

18 November 2020
  310-504-5248  Redondo Beach, CA - Hey, I remember you.  You tried to call yesterday.  


Even the phone as realised that this is a spam risk...and Call Protect came out of no where to intercept this.  Should I block this number or see if they try to call tomorrow?  Fuck you!
   310-504-5248  Redondo Beach, CA - It worked!  My experiment worked!  They called, again...of course they did.


Two calls for today.  Might just let this experiment run for a while. How many times do you think they will call by the end of the week?  Place your bets.  So, far we are at three calls in two days.  Fuck you!

19 November 2020
  310-504-5248  Redondo Beach, CA - This is awesome!  Four calls in two days.  There is still plenty of time to call again, later in the day.  Fuck you!

  310-599-9463  Compton, CA - Pattern breaker.  Fuck you!

23 November 2020
  310-599-9705  Compton, CA - Another one from the 599 prefix.  Fuck you!


  310-599-9705  Compton, CA - Okay, I guess this week's calls will be coming in from Compton.  Got an early start on Thursday, but two attempts to scam.  Fuck you!

28 November 2020
  803-677-7539  Columbia, SC - Here we go, holiday season means more packages are being delivered across the world.  This is a great time for predators and telemarketers to target people.


Here is the simple breakdown of the the details of this text.  First of all, UPS is all capitalized.  You fucked up right there with a typo.  Any legit correspondence from any business would not misspell their own company name.  

Second minor detail, UPS Headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA.  Yeah, I totally had to look that up, So, if I could look it up, you could have, too. 

Third minor detail, UPS tracking numbers are 18 characters long.  You do not even have half of what is required to track a shipment.  I just could hear the uptalking and vocal fry in this text.  Fuck you!

29 November 2020
  marakrrstic@gmail.com - We know this is a made up email address for the sole purpose of sending these scams via text. 


But, just in case, I will save this email address (along with others) for the next time some random site asks me sign up for their newsletter.  Fuck you!

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