01 December 2020


Last month of the year, we expect a final push for telemarketers to get their scams going before things reset for the new year.  We doubt there is any 'reset', but there is always a push.  One day into the new month and we already have our first call.

1 December 2020

  310-504-9099  Redondo Beach, CA- This is your typical spoofed number to kick off the new month.  We have a solid week, with no holidays, that could be packed with calls. Fuck you!

  747-201-3343  Los Angeles, CA - We have forgotten that 747 was an area code for Los Angeles. This is not the first call from this 'new' area code, our records show that calls from 747 originate back in February of 2017.  Is this area code made just for telemarketers? Fuck you!

2 December 2020

  Unknown - Been a while, but this is a rare call from "unknown".  Fuck you

3 December 2020

  310-599-4501  Compton, CA - We recognised this number as a repeat caller...well, the pre-fix anyway.  It is our good friends in Compton. No doubt another spoofed number, or maybe the telemarketers have set up shop in Compton.  Either way, fuck you!

3 December 2020

  310-504-9099  Redondo Beach, CA - Hey, these guys called two days ago to open the month of December.  Now, this number is being red flagged by Call Protect and the phone as a Spam Risk.  Well, fuck you!

7 December 2020

  213-593-2381  Los Angeles, CA - The internet tells me that this is a landline number in Downtown Los Angeles.  Probably another spoofed number....or, ground zero of a telemarketer cell.  Fuck you!

9 December 2020

  310-869-6881  Los Angeles, CA - Here is another spoofed number used for telemarketing purposes.  I think we are back to California area calls this month.  Fuck you!

10 December 2020

  216-702-6286  Cleveland, OH - Well, there goes California month.  This is another scam text.  Remember, it is holiday season and packages are being shipped and received as if it is...holiday season.


We did a quick search and this number.  In addition to this "UPS parcel", the number is linked to "FedEx", "free Apple laptop", "Netflix account locked".  These are all comments dated with a month of each other.

How can one number be linked to UPS and FedEx?  Wait, they are also Apple and Netflix?  Fuck you!

17 December 2020

  929-343-4832  New York - You could not pay me enough to shop at Walmart.  Wait, did you say $400?  Fucking, sign me up!


Yes, we did a search and this scam has been going on for a while.  

Again, we have to look at the text.  Why is every word in the first sentence capitalized, but Walmart is not?  This is considered a typo and no company would spell their own name wrong.  Still...$400 for being a Walmart shopper.  While very tempting, you should take that $400 and shove it up your ass.  Fuck you!

19 December 2020
  469-797-5166  Texas -  Okay, spelling is correct.  But, you got the tracking number wrong.  Not only is it way too short, the number suggests that this would be from UPS...NOT FedEx.

Maybe I should start replying back with dick pics.  Fuck you!

22 December 2020

  832-606-5255  Houston, TX - Another call from Texas.  This is another spoofed number.  Remember, this is the perfect time to package delivery scams.  Fuck you!

  310-849-9473  Beverly Hills, CA - This one is an obvious spoofed number.  We just thought of something.  Be on the lookout for a new scam.  With the new vaccine being released, there will no doubt be scams for that, as well.  Fuck you!

27 December 2020

  469-782-4068  Texas - Early morning text on a Sunday.  This area code keeps popping up.  We are too lazy to check exactly where this originates from, but signs point to somewhere in Texas.  Yes, Texas is a big state.  But, with all the possible routing and spoofing it could be anywhere.


Quick glance and seems like spelling is mostly correct.  But, the units are called iPad Pro, not Pro 2021 iPad.  I will let it slide. I could get into the details of "Xmas" vs Christmas vs Holidays.  A monkey could tell you that this is a scam.  If not, then there will be 22 monkeys out there with older iPads.  Fuck you!

30 December 2020

  412-537-7549  Pittsburgh, PA - All the way from Pittsburgh.  Could it be Mario Lemieux or just another spoofed number?  I going with the latter.  Fuck you!

31 December 2020

  elinjpascasciomi6345@hotmail.com - One more before the end of the year.  Look at this shit


The email address is highly questionable.  You know when you sign up for a new email address, and you put your name and birthday?  Then, the email provider suggests a username for you.  This is dipshit just went with that suggestion.  I mean, obviously it is fake as my tits.  But, at least think of a better name.  

Oh, and no comment...just a questionable link for me to click?  Fuck you!

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