07 October 2017

Build the Back to the Future DeLorean - Issues 003-006

Building the Back to the Future DeLorean, Issues 003-006
Yay!  New shipment from Eaglemoss arrived last week.  The shipment was supposed to include a binder for issues.  Instead, I got a note saying they are on back order.  No worries.  Ready to tackle the next four issues of the build.

Issue 003 contents
Issue 003 - Front Wheel

With only five pieces and three screws, this issue was an easy build.  The detail on this is simply amazing.  Eaglemoss even got the tread on the Goodyear Eagle GT tires correct.  One minor 'mistake', they made chrome wheels.  While DeLorean did make some chrome wheels, the screen used car has the light grey powder coated wheels.  No big deal.

Issue 004 contents
Issue 004 - Reactor & Mr. Fusion

These are the parts that help generate the 1.21 gigawatts of power need for time travel.  The Reactor Disc is pretty straight forward.  They even designed it so you can lock and unlock the cap with a twist.  The cap is removable, but there is a base, so I doubt there will be plutonium tubes in the future.  Unless, they give you a new base so the plutonium can slide in.

The assembly of Mr. Fusion is quite involved.  Get ready for a lot of screws, and new tiny screws and springs.  Good idea to have those tweezers handy.  Because of the size and colour of the AP screws, some might find the screw heads are too distracting as they are quite obvious on one side of the Krups 223 coffee grinder.  This does not bother me since my final assembly will be with the nuclear reactor disc.  Dare I say it, I am not a big fan of the Mr. Fusion version of the Time Machine.

We are introduced to tiny screws and springs when putting together the latch for Mr. Fusion.

Pro tip:  When installing the micro springs on the latch system, pre-screw the CP screws on the hinge base (black) with the screws slightly protruding.  Use your handy tweezers to hook one end of spring on to the latch nubs (red).  Then hook other end of spring on to slightly exposed CP screw, then screw away.  Do this one at a time.

Issue 005 contents
Issue 005 - Front Left Suspension

There are seven different screws used in this issue.  This is the most complex issue, so far.   Most of the piece are die-cast, it might be a good idea to pre-tap the holes before final assembly.

Pro tip:  Do not over tighten screws on the control arms until the spring is in place.  You will need the front suspension assembly to be a little loose so you can slip the spring into place.  That spring is pretty strong, you will need compress it as you screw in EM.

I ran into a problem on this build.  The left front tie head did not have holes drilled all the way through.  When trying to screw from the top, the DM screw bottoms out.  You will need to drill out this hole so the screw can sit in properly.

When screwing the brake disc to the same front tie head, the DM screw will also bottom out.  Again, you will need to drill that hole.  Before you start on this issue, check the holes on the front tie head piece, make sure the holes are through.

Issue 006 contents
Issue 006 - Front Right Suspension

This is the same as Issue 005, just reversed.  Now that you assembled the left side, the right side will be a lot easier.  Heck you may not even need the directions this time.

Fortunately, all the holes were properly drilled through on the right front tie head piece.  But, I was prepared with small hand drill in hand.  Oh, do not use a powered drill, just a drill bit and a few twists will be enough.

As with the previous issue, pay attention when dealing the little spring and small parts during the brake disc segments of the build.

Finished assembly of Issues 003-006 should look like this:'

Front Wheel, Reactor Disc, Mr. Fusion, Front Left Suspension, Front Right Suspension
Extra screw count after six issues:  11-AP, 4-BP, 2-CP, 2-AM, 2-BM, 2-EM, 2-CM, 2-DM, 2-DP.

to be continued...

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