12 November 2020

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 119, 120, 125, 126


Issues 119, 120, 125, 126

Well, looks like the skipped some issues. Oh wait, spoiler alert, I received the shipment for 121-124 a while back.  We will just deal with this current shipment in this post.  Then we will go back (in time) and talk about the other shipment in a future post.

Issue 119 - Vent Exhaust

Parts for Issue 119

The vent exhaust is very hidden on the actual car, but they are there...so they are here.  These are the guys responsible for the venting smoke after the Time Machine arrives at a destination time.

We also have some photo etched parts to get that perforated look at the end of the exhaust.

Issue 120 - Vent Hoses

Parts for 120

These six hoses connect the oil separators to the vents.  These are just press fit in, no screws needed.

Here is were we go to the next shipment.  But since we make up the rules as we go, we are going to finish talking about this shipment then continue on the next post with the other parts. So the next two sets of parts will not be assembled until the we do the other four.  There will not be a screw count at the end of this post.  Hang in there.  It makes sense in our heads, just go along.

Issue 125 - Vent Cable

Parts for 125

Cables that from the vent to the rear of the back plate.  Plus you get strips of stickers to wrap around some hoses.  Fun times!  Although, the application of these stickers on hoses/cables already mounted is quite difficult.  Again, small hands and tweezers help.  Still have not found my tweezers.

Issue 126 - Vent Cowls

Parts for 126

The vent cowls is exactly how the vents are finished off on the real car.  They hook underneath the top of the rear fascia and complete the vents.  

Fun Fact:  In Part II, when the (fiberglass) Time Machine is landing in the alley, you can see that someone forgot to mount these pieces on the vent.

to be continued...

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