03 June 2012

LEGO Harry Potter - Part II

I just finished LEGO Harry Potter:  Years 1-4 for the Nintendo DS, good game. As I have mentioned here,  it is a relatively easy game to play.

Interesting note, the maximum number of LEGO studs you can collect is 4,200,000,000.  The game took be about twenty-four hours of game play to complete.  Well worth the price of $20, and worthy of a repeat play.  8/10

Now, I am on to Years 5-7.  I just finished the Story level of The Order of the Phoenix.  I have to say that this game is not as good as the first one.  For some reason, the game developers decided to eliminated the 'casting of the spells' with the stylus.  The touch screen is used to select spells, which is 'casted' by pressing the Y-button...or you can use the shoulder buttons to shuffle through your spells menu.

Another feature different from Years 1-4, the use of the microphone to speak Parseltongue is gone in favour of a Simon-like memory game.  Although Years 5-7 does make use of all the buttons on the DS, I really enjoyed the use of the mic and stylus.  Poor choice on the part of the developers to eliminate this and the casting elements from the game, you could say that they took out the magic.  It makes it seem like these are two completely different games and licenses.

The game play is average. The lack of the features I mentioned really hurt the game play.  Also, I find myself just walking around as I have no clue what I need to do.  The direction is not clear to the users as it was in the first game.

I will finish the game and give a final review, but I do not think I will play this one again.

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