18 May 2012

LEGO Harry Potter

LEGO Harry Potter Year 1-4 on Nintendo DS

I think this is my first video game review.  I generally suck at video games.  So, I stick with the 'easier' games.  One of the best games out there are the LEGO series games.  I have played the LEGO Star Wars series, LEGO Batman, and LEGO Indiana Jones.  After watching the final movie of the Potter series,  I got both LEGO Harry Potter games (Years 1-4 and Years 5-7) and see if the game lives up to the movies and the rest of the LEGO games catalogue.

Now, I am only about half way into the Year 1-4, and I have to say that it is a great game.  I should mention that I have these games on the Nintendo DS.  I also have Star Wars on Wii and PC, but found that this style of game is better suited for handheld.  The other LEGO games have been played on the DS platform. 

Like the other games, the Potter series loosely follow the movie outline.  For the Potter game, there is a better use of the stylus as your magic wand as you 'cast spells'.  The game also makes use of the forgotten mircophone so you can speak in Parseltounge, quite a neat feature.  Not sure how Parseltounge would translate (get it?) on other platforms. 

Being a 'simple' game, it does not take advantage of the use of the many buttons on current video game platforms.  In fact, other than advancing through menus, the buttons are pretty much useless.  Everything can be executed by using the D-pad, stylus, and mic.  One thing that may bother some (like me), it is hard to by left-handed and use the stylus, since the left hand is busy with the D-pad.

LEGO Harry Potter Year 5-7 on Nintendo DS
Graphics are what you expect on a DS.  Honestly, it is good enough.  I have played similar LEGO games on the Wii and PC and better graphic, while perfered, does not really add to the game play.  Sound does not matter all that much either.  There is no dialogue (although a lot of reading in this one), just a soundtrack and and sound effects. The only drawback to the smaller, lower resolution screen of the DS is the cinematics between levels.  You can tell it was ported over from home consoles.  

I know this is not much of a review since I have yet to play Years 5-7, or even complete Years 1-4.  But, if you are a fan of LEGO and Harry Potter, I recommend this game.  Heck, if you just like the properties and just acknowledge the fact that LEGO exists, then I highly recommend the other series.  After I 'beat' these games, I will be looking into the other games by LEGO.

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