11 June 2012


Summer is here, school is out.  There are losers just getting out of school, looking for summer jobs.  What better way to spend your summer than to harass people?  Instead of getting a respectable job, try telemarketing and go nowhere in your shitty life.

4 June 2012
   253-246-8514  Kent, WA  Ah, fucking douchebags from Kent are back.  Technically, this is the second call.  Well, from this number.  In fact, if we apply the SACAPDE rule, this is the 18th call from Kent.  So, for the 18th time, I say to you, Kent, WA...go fuck yourself! 

   253-246-8514  Kent, WA  I was not even done typing about the first call of the day...and these motherfuckers call, again.  Fuck you, fuck you, and oh yeah...fuck you! 

Fun fact:  The number one search that leads to my blog is a number from Kent.  So, if you are here because of search, welcome...and share the hate.

   253-246-8514  Kent, WA  Third call today, makes the total four.  The record for calls in a day is six.  See if you can beat that.

   253-246-8514  Kent, WA  That would be four calls in about eight hours, today.  Only two more to go to match the record.  Are you going to step up?

Bunch of fucking assholes
 5 June 2012
   971-220-1003  Gresham, OR  Well, where the fuck have you been?  Crawling back to me, as if I am going to feel sorry for you?  Your thirteenth call, not bad...you still suck big donkey dick.

11 June 2012
   503-457-1003  Tillamook, OR  I was just thinking to myself, "It has been about a week..." Oh, you motherfuckers!  Here is Tillamook, again....SACAPDE.  This is the fifth call from Tillamook, all from different extensions.  I should have known, I had some Tillamook cheese this morning.  Are they somehow tracking my dairy intake? 

16 June 2012
   704-747-7415  Charlotte, NC  Hey, I think this is a first from North Carolina...only this was a fucking text.  Fuck you and your fucking texts.

25 June 2012
   503-457-1003  Tillamook, OR  Two weeks since my last call.  That is some kind of record.  Note:  I am not count a fucking text as a call.  Still, even with that text, it has been nine days.  I almost felt neglected.  I have a feeling that they are going to cram a few calls before the end of the month.

   503-457-1003  Tillamook, OR  Of course you are going to call again.  Wait, are you trying to remind me that I still have some cheese in the fridge?  This is the last time I buy Tillamook cheese.  

26 June 2012
   503-457-1003  Tillamook, OR  For those of you new to this, do you now see how this shit works?  They take a fucking break...most likely calling someone else...then bombard you with string of calls on consistant days.  Fuck this shit.

28 June 2012
   971-220-1003  Gresham, OR  What the fuck is up the extension 1003?  Both Gresham and Tillamook can go fuck each other while jumping off a cliff.

29 June 2012
   971-220-1003  Gresham, OR  Fifteenth call.  Can you believe it?  The record is twenty-seven calls from Astroia.  Come to think of it, I have not heard from Astoria in a while.  Where are those fuckers?

   971-220-1003  Gresham, OR  Still ringing as I type...oh, I guess they hung up.  Only eleven calls to tie the champ.  Notice how they cram all the calls towards the end of the month. 

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