22 June 2012

DeLorean Car Show 2012 - Part III

DeLorean Car Show 2012
Wings up!
Saturday, 16 June 2012

This is a car show, so of course there were cars at the show.  There were over forty DeLoreans at the show.  Not the largest gathering of DeLoreans, but the largest I have seen.  Quite impressive to see all those cars lined up with their wings up.  Getting that 'tunnel' shot is always a favourite.  Owners were up early in the morning to register their cars for the show.

Meanwhile, the DCS Tech Talks were going on.  I only stayed for the first two presenters, then went on the floor to check out some of the cars and vendors, and mingle with the DeLorean community.

Top secret meeting with Mike from DMC-Midwest
Mike is responsible for the two latest additions to my car, the Shock Tower Brace and the Sequential Fan Controller.  He works with Julee and Dave at DeLorean Motor Company- Midwest.

Really excited to meet Andrew Probert
I got to meet Andrew Probert, without his vision, Back to the Future would not have looked as cool.  Special thanks to Stephen Clark of BTTF.com, for giving me a Hot Wheels Time Machine so I could get it signed by Andrew Probert.

Oliver and Terry Holler's Time Machine

Christine was there

Rich Weissensel's DeLorean Limo

Rich Weissensel's D-Rex
Lots of DeLorean cars...
...even a DeLorean bicycle.
Oh yeah, of course I got to ride the bike.
There were some interesting cars on the floor.  Tony Ierardi brought his DeLorean to be judged at the Delorean Marque Certification Event.  It was perfect!  Well, almost.  It got a point and a half taken due to some dry rot in the tires.  These were original 30+ year old tires, and it had a little dry rot in them.  The car is spotless, it looks better than any DeLorean ever did, even ones fresh off the factory floor. Basically, Tony took the entire car apart, cleaned, and reassembled it.

Another car Tony brought was Proto-1. The first prototype of the DeLorean built.  This was the car John DeLorean used, in the late 1970's, to promote to car.  Seeing this in person is orgasmic...yeah, I said it.  At the end of the show, Tony passed the torch of ownership of Proto-1 to Cliff Schmucker.

Interview with JLP Movies for a documentary on DeLoreans
JLP Movies was there filming a documentary.  Jordan Livingston and his crew interviewed me because of the Hot Wheels DeLorean.  Hey, I may get to be in a documentary.  You know how I love documentaries...this is like 'Living the Dream'!

After the car show, we were treated with another set of presenters.  I am too lazy to list the presenters.  The evening was capped off with Bob Gale (my new best friend) some of the cast and crew from the Back to the Future trilogy.  Also the Time Machine Restoration Team presented updates on their project.  Yup, you guessed it...another nerdgasm.

Cast and Crew of Back to the Future
Pictured above:  Jeffery Weissman (George McFly, Part II and III), Claudia Welles (Jennifer Parker, Part I), Bob Gale (Writer/Producer of the trilogy), Andrew Probert (Storyboard artist, Time Machine concept artist), Kevin Pike (Special Effects Supervisor, Time Machine Builder), and Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson)

Oh, almost forgot.  They gave away the raffle car at the end.  There was also a raffle for prizes, I won two prizes, a DVD and a Shift Boot Cover for my automatic car.  Tony let me return it to his shop for store credit.  Once I get a part from DMC-Florida, my car will have at least one part from all the DMC vendors.

That was it, three days of DeLorean and Back to the Future madness.  The next DCS will be in Dayton, Ohio, 12-15 June 2014.  Hope to make it there, and see everyone there.

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