09 June 2012

Joe Cool For DeLorean

Joe Cool
The famous Joe Cool is back for a limited time.  Normally, with the original Fan Fail Module, the two cooling fans and compressor turn on at the same time, creating a spike in amp usage.  This spike in amperage could cause the fan fail module to fail or burn out.  Imagine the 80's films when a guy gets electrocuted and all the lights in the prison flicker and dim...that is what happens the electrical system.  Hey, maybe the guys who designed prison camps for 80's movies also designed the electrical system for the DeLorean.

The Joe Cool unit provides a time-delay for the cooling fans, so that the compressor and fans do not all start at the same time, resulting in less amp stress and less chance of failure in the electrical system.  That is generally how it works, there are better descriptions that you can look up...basically, I think it is magic.

Joe Cool (Snoopy) with Peanuts Gang
Joe Cool with Peanuts
I ordered my Sequential Fan Controller (former known as Joe Cool) from my good friends Julee and Dave at DeLorean Motor Company - Midwest.  It is a simple installation...simple enough that even I can handle it.  Obviously, this goes in the relay compartment of the car.  
Relay compartment, before installation.
I know, the grey relays and nest of wires makes it look like a homemade explosive device.  There seems to have been an issue with the original Fan Fail Module, surprise, this is why the Joe Cool was invented.  Notice the yellow wires in the lower left.  One of the previous owners had replaced the original Fan Fail Module with a fused wire link, a cheaper solution to a new module. 

Close up of the relay compartment, before installation.
The Sequential Fan Controller has two plugs, replacing the Fan Fail Module (blue relay, part #106046) and the Changeover Relay (part #106269).
Removed the two modules.  The two plugs of the new unit will go here.
This was by far the most simple installation for my car.  Hunting down the extension cord, for better lighting, took longer.  It took a bit of effort to wiggle the existing relays out, the OEM Changeover Module had be in there for over thirty years, once that was out, the unit plugged right in.  I made sure to snap photos of the area before installation, in case things do not go as planned.
Sequential Fan Controller installed.
Well, there you have it.  One of the best upgrades one can do for a DeLorean, and the easiest one to do.  Special thanks to Julee and Dave Swingle at DMC-Midwest.

Joe Cool Snoopy 'installed' in DeLorean.
Little known fact:  I actually have a Joe Cool Snoopy that I keep in my DeLorean.  Yeah, Snoopy is my co-pilot.  He even has a DMC t-shirt.  This was the first thing that was 'installed' in my DeLorean, all before I even knew about the Joe Cool unit.

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