24 December 2010

Hot Wheels Back to the Future Time Machine

Image stolen from the Hot Wheels Facebook page.

Jacked these images from HotWheelsCollectors.com

Look for this in stores in February. 


PerryPie said...

Hahahaha, nice.

mikeH said...

Wow, how hard did you have to lobby your people before they let you do this? Looks like my nephews are going to end up with a time machine in their toy box this spring.

awildermode said...

It was way easier than getting the DeLorean in the line. I think it helped that the DeLorean and Ecto-1 was considered 'successful'.

Thanks for keeping me employed.

walkinvisible said...

i need one to go with the other one i have. feb, hunh ? in canada too or should i look for it when/if i hit nashville ?