23 December 2010

Titanium Plate

I snapped a photo of the X-ray when I went to the doctor yesterday.

Mugshots of the titanium plate and screws

Yeah, I know.  Pretty cool, huh?

Doctor says things are healing fine.  Bone mending is a little better than expected.  Damaged nerves are healing as expected.  The good news, my range of motion is way better than expected.  Especially, considering the damage I initially did to the area.  So good in fact, he said that there is no need to report to physical therapy anymore. I have to say that my therapist really helped the progression of my recovery. 
Strength conditioning can be done at home.

After looking at the X-rays and seeing the range of motion I regained, he said I could pretty much do anything right now and the wrist should be fine.  More strenuous activities, like pull-ups, should not be attempted for about a month.

I tired driving the other day.  There was pain when making sudden moves or trying to pull into a parking spot.  This is a strength issue that will improve with time.  Damn it, this means I have to wait a while before I can drive the DeLorean, again.  I plan on starting my strength training at the beginning of the year.  Some bike riding, Insanity and P90-X should get me ready for a return to hockey in June.  Heck, I may fit in a century ride, just for fun.

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