04 December 2010

Spam In Other Places

Yeah, it is December...and there is holiday cheer.  Well, let me bring you back down to earth.  Like you, I get a lot of spam in my email, and like you I get a lot of calls from telemarketers.  But there is spam in other places...see how I worked the title into the body of the post?  Yeah, cleaver.

In the social network (another title) like Facebook, people have been changing their profile pictures to childhood cartoons...to stop child abuse.  Imagine, you or your buddy Gilbert from college, can change your profile picture to any childhood cartoon, and child abuse stops.  It just stops.

Uh, you do realize that this is a form of spam.  Posting a picture or posting a message on your status does nothing but inform your network of friends that you are on a social network.  Most of the time, no one really cares about your damn photo or status.  This does nothing to stop child abuse or any good cause.  Although, it may increase your penis size.

Hey, I love social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and the like.  But seriously, unless you are someone like Tom Cruise (I love Tom Cruise), no one really cares.

By the way, while you were on your fancy computer looking for a cool picture of Turbo Teen to post...some kid, in a 'home' with no idea what the internet is, just got the shit beat out of him from his crackhead dad.  I would argue that for every Google search result for cartoon pictures, somewhere (just in) the United States a child is being abused.  Mission accomplished.


Anonymous said...

I agree

mikeH said...

I hope you were wearing your Delorean shoes while you wrote this rant. :)