01 December 2010

Eight Weeks After Being A Righty

Well, it is been eight weeks since my awesome injury.  Things are healing up, range of motion is getter better, nerves are slowly waking up.  I have about four more sessions of physical therapy, then I am on my own.  You can see pictures of my injury and healing process HERE.

Earlier today, I was thinking that since I was out during the medical procedures...I totally time traveled.  It felt like I traveled through time...and space. Think about it.  Okay, just humour me.  There were gaps in time that I was unaware of, and I would reappear in another location.  Events and things happened while I was gone.  Sure, it was not a huge leap forward.  But, if one of my surgeries took like a day, I would have "lost a day"...or traveled forward one day.  Yeah, I totally time traveled.  Pretty awesome.


Oh, remember those shoes I wanted?  Yeah, I got a pair two pairs of them.  Did not get the cool box.  The special gullwing box is a press kit and not available to the public.  I learned that there were about 1500 pairs made 500 of those were either given to Nike people, DeLorean people, press, or just destroyed.  One thousand pairs were available to the public on 26 November at various locations around the country.  There were about 50-60 special gullwing boxes made.

When I get less lazy, I will do a photo shoot with the shoes and the car.  And yes, I do plan on wearing them when I drive...because I am that much of a nerd.

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