16 December 2006

Shopping by touch and smell??

American Eagle, Holister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Abercrombie and others like you.

Let me start with the positive: HOT people! The girls...and guys that work here are gorgeous! No experience required, you just have to look good. Generally, the merchandise in these stores are pretty nice. It is great that they have the employees model their clothing, because we all know that sex sells. They would never hire me to work there...unless they need a 'before model'.

The negative: Why is everything so damn expensive??? Not only are the prices outrageous, but I am paying top dollar for wrinkled clothes with stains and holes in them? They even try to cover it up the holes with patches and stitching. Does the girl at the register come with purchase? Remember back-in-the-day when they used "Pre-Washed" or "Pre-Shrunk" as a selling point, now they are pre-stained, wrinkled, and damaged. In short, you can get that same "pre-worn" look at a fraction of the price at any second hand store.
Why is it so damn loud in here? I can only stand about five minutes in one of these stores, then my ears start bleeding. Studies do show that stores that play music generate more sales, this is ridiculous. There is a fine line between music and noise. If you want to check out some really good speakers, forget going to a THX certified theater or even an electronics store with that 'private room'...go to one of these stores. Spinal Tap has nothing on these guys.
With the exception of American Eagle...Why is it so damn dark in here? This applies mainly to Holister. If I am going to buy something from a store, I am going to want to have a look around. Maybe see if you have a certain item in my size, colour, or style. I cannot do that with the lights turned off. Surely, with all the money you make from the $90 jeans (with wrinkles, holes, and stains), you can afford to turn on the goddamn lights!!! Or, is all your electricity going to those damn speakers??? At least turn on the lights so I can check out the hot chicks you have working there.

Are you guys conducting some kind of secret government experiment?

With all that said, I would not mind getting clothing from any of these places. I wear a men's medium (t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, etc.) and 29-30 inch waist with a 32 inch inseam. I love free stuff.

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Unknown said...

Hey. I have worked with Hollister Co. for 2 years. I greatly enjoy it. I have been a model. I've been lead stock. I have also done impact. I know the company (Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, abercrombie, Ruehl, and Gilly Hicks) through and through, or atleast as well as any store level employee can. The reason for everything above is to create atmosphere. The lights are dark and the music is loud to create atmosphere. Also Hollister Co. shoots for high school aged customers. The ones who love that kind of environment.

As far as the prices, personally? I don't mind. I will easily fork out the extra to shop at Ruehl because then i know it's me and my own style out there, not everyone has it. The other reason is when A&F originally started they did very well, adding Hollister Co. to the company seemed logical. But then Hollister's sales started to out-do A&F (company canibalism). So A&F started to charge more to create a more "high end" feel to the shopping there.

As for the "quality of clothing?" Our company surpasses most. Not many companies will give you a warranty like ours. If your zipper breaks a year after having it? And it's our fault? Bring it back with your receipt and get a refund.

Anyways, I am glad you guys love the clothes! Have a good one, hope i could enlighten slightly;-)