20 December 2006

Jesus is Magic...Sarah Silverman is HOT!

You would think that I am writing a review on Jesus Is Magic. Well, I have not seen it, yet...let me tell you why. About a month ago, I purchased the DVD on half.com. A week or two later, I got the package. But, they sent me the audio CD. I double checked the purchase order and my emails relating to the purchase. It clearly stated that I purchased a DVD!

So, I wrote back to the seller, telling them that they sent me the right title but WRONG ITEM! They later wrote back saying that my request to return has been authorized. Wait, they made a mistake and I had to be authorized? If I order a veggie burger with cheese and I received a plain veggie burger...do I need "authorization" from the shift manager to get a slice of cheese? No! They take it back and slap a slice of cheese on it, and maybe even spit on it, but I get my cheese.

Anyway, at least they sent me a return label to send the CD back. Of course, I did not open the CD. Hey, I am a pretty honest guy...okay, not really. I sent the CD off. About a week later, I get nothing, so I write back and inquire the status of my purchase. They write back stating that a refund had been issued back to my account. Uh, where is my DVD? If I wanted my money back, I would have said, "hey, I want my money back". I want the damn DVD, so I can SEE and hear Sarah Silverman.

Now, I am not really sure that I have received my refund yet. I really want the DVD, because Sarah Silverman is hot! I got back to half.com and order from a different seller. Fast forward a week or two I get my package. Let me go off on another tangent here. Does it really take a over a week to send a package? I get stuff all the time and it should only take 3-5 days to ship things within the US. Heck, I got something from Hong Kong in 4 days, Hong Kong!

Where was I? Yeah, I open the package and what is inside? Jesus Is Magic...the CD! Are you people kidding me?!? First, it take almost two weeks for me to receive the item, then both of these idiots send me the CD when it clearly stated that I ordered the DVD. I give up, I am just keeping the CD from the second moron and get the DVD from a walk in store..because I can tell the different between a CD and a DVD.

Tip to retailers: A CD is an audio medium. It is usually packed in a clear brittle plastic (like a polystyrene) jewel case measuring about 5x5.5x0.375...the smaller one. A DVD is a video medium. It is usually packaged in an opaque semi-flexible plastic (polypropylene) jewel case measuring about 7.375x6.375x0.625...the bigger one. Oh, in this case, it also has "The Unrated MOVIE" written on the cover of the DVD.

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