28 December 2006

Edward Scissorhands

Just got back from watching Edward Scissorhands. Not the Tim Burton movie, but the stage version by Matthew Bourne. I have never seen a "contemporary interpretation dance" before, although I did see the porn version, Edward Penishands. Like the part in the film when the cars pull out of the drive way, the choreography is unique and...different from anything I have seen. One thing that surprised me, it was all dance, no dialog or singing. I guess that is why they call it "interpretive dance". So, it helps to have seen the film to get the basic story.

This blog is not meant to be a review of either the film nor the dance. To sum it up, everyone knows that Edward Scissorhands (the film by Tim Burton) is my favourite film of all time. As for the dance, I liked it, I would give it and eight. I guess I am a bit more "cultured" now that I have seen a professional stage performance. But before you judge me, keep in mind that I would never see such a thing if not for the subject matter. So, I am not that "cultured", although I have been waiting to see this since it premiered in London last year.

On a side note, the guy who played Jim looked a lot like Peter from Heroes. At least from where I was sitting. Also, Kim is a cheerleader. Save the Cheerleader...Save the World. Oh wait, there is more. It was playing at The Ahmanson Theater. I went to school at Otis College of Art and Design, and the main building there is the Ahmanson Hall. I wrote an essay about Edward Scissorhands as part of my application to Otis. I cut class one day (19 November 1999) to see Johnny Depp get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Tim Burton was there, and they signed my Edward Scissorhands program. Weird.

Do I recommend it? Yes. The show is on tour in US and Canada, so check your local performing arts theaters for shows or go here: http://www.edwardscissorhands.co.uk/mk2/index.html for tour dates. As for the film itself, I highly suggest you watch it. In fact, go get the DVD and you may want the soundtrack as well.

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