13 December 2006


Now, I really like movies and TV. But sometimes they do things that are just IMPOSSIBLE!!! And I am not talking about stunts...I may talk about that later. I found the above image on Google, the image on the upper right and bottom shows the pixels that make up the smaller image on the upper left. Pretty obvious.

There is NO WAY that anyone can take an image like this and "enhance" it to a point that we can see who this person is. Especially when it is a screen capture from a video taken from a black and white security camera!!! Yet, this miracle happens every time on shows like CSI. Let the record show that I love the CSI series (I watch CSI: Miami right after Heroes).

Not only does this happen a lot, it happens fast...on TV and in film. Seriously, in a place like Miami, New York, or Las Vegas...with all that goes on in those cities, how can they possibly solve a (sometimes two) murder case in a day? Oh, by the way, and getting a DNA match is not as easy as making popcorn in a microwave.

So please, you technical adviser guys, stop it with the instant matching of fingerprints and DNA. There is no program that can enhance an image taken with a mobile phone at 72 DPI , and make it seem like it was taken with a 10 mega pixel camera.

That is all. Oh, today is my cousin's birthday. So, happy birthday Frances.

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