09 June 2018

DeLorean Splinters

If you are cursed with DeLorean ownership, surely you have dived into the fuse and relay compartment a few times.  Because of the awesome materials used and detailed finishing, you no doubt have received a splinter or two.

Luckily, for me, I have avoided the being stabbed by Dunmurry plywood...until now.

Casualties of DeLorean ownership
No big deal.  It could have been worse.

Lifting Rear Deckboard

But, I have noticed that every time I needed to plunge into the fuse and relay compartment, I always almost embed a wooded shard into my hand while lifting the passenger side Rear Deckboard.

Rear Deckboard - #106176
Every time I run my hand around the edge of the plywood cover, I run the risk of getting splinters...like I did today.

Ah!  There is a simple solution!

Hockey sock tape
All you need is tape.  I have a few rolls of clear hockey sock tape that I never use for hockey.  I use reusable straps to secure my socks. One time purchase and no waste of tape or money.

Where was I?  Oh, any thick plastic tape that is about an inch wide will work.  

Taping the edge
Center the tape along the edge and tape around the perimeter.  I started around the bottom left and followed the edge, all in one long strip.  You will want to make this in one pass so the tape edges do not get caught on the parcel shelf carpet.  Avoid stretching the tape too much while laying it down.

Finished laying tape
No need to tape the bottom edge.  Make sure the tape is centered on the edge of the plywood.  Once the tape is laid down, it should look like the image above.

Cut darts
Now the fun part.  Use a knife or scissors to cut darts in every corner, both sides.

Starting with the long curved side on the left, start folding over the tape on both sides of the deckboard.  On the top curve, cut two darts about 1cm from center.  See image above.

Finally, wrap over the straight edges...and you are done.

Finished deckboard
Now, your hands are protected by splinters.  Bonus:  Your carpet is also protected by the rough edges of the plywood.  You will notice the deckboard will easily glide along the carpet the next time you remove/install the #106176.

I do not access the other side that much, but a good idea to tape that up as well and save some skin and carpet.

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