12 June 2018

Build the Back to the Future Time Machine - Issues 043-046

Issues 043-046
The shipments are coming in a little faster than every four weeks.  I do not mind this at all.  Perhaps in a few months the wave one North America subscribers will catch up to the UK subscribers.  Keep it coming, as we are about thirty issues ahead

Issue 043 - Time Circuit Switch

Contents of Issue 043
Another exciting issue, the time circuit switch.  Pretty straight forward build.  Lots of great detail in the graphics and labeling of the parts.  The switched on the base are real switches that will no doube be turn on/off some cool stuff.

The parts assemble on the the center console from the last issue (042).

Issue 044 - Dashboard

Contents of Issue 044
Nothing fancy here.  Just three pieces that are screwed into each other.  Some of the detail is lacking on the sculpt.  For example, there should be speaker hole on the left hand (driver) side of the dash.  Only the right hand (passenger) side has speaker holes.  Some of the corners should also be a little more rounded.

Issue 045 - Binnacle

Contents of Issue 045
Like the Time Circuits, the Binnacle is back like with LED's mounted on a circuit board.  Even the top mounted digital speedometer is back lit.

The display in the binnacle has been corrected.  The earlier (UK) versions had an upside down DMC logo, which made it look like DWC.  Everything here looks correct, including the 95 mph speedometer.

The assembled binnacle is mounted on the dashboard.

Issue 046 - Plutonium Gauge

Contents of Issue 046
The plutonium gauges are back lit and 'linked' to the binnacle lights as the wires are directly connected to each other.  Connecting these two wires felt a little bit like Doc Brown on top of the clock tower.

Parts of this issue are directed mounted on to the dash.  The finished assembly of this shipment should look like this:

Assembled parts from this shipment
Neither the center console nor dashboard are ready to be mounted to the interior at this time.

Now, here is something you will really like...

45-AP, 11-BP, 2-CP, 12-AM, 10-BM, 4-EM, 4-CM, 16-DM, 2-DP, 1-FM, 3-GM, 3-HM, 2-IM, 2-EP, 11-FP, 2-JM, 1-HP, 1-GP, 3-NM, 1-MM, 3-KM, 1-LM

to be continued...

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