03 January 2014


Here we go, new year means new asshole telemarketers to deal with.  Well, not really.  Sometimes they are return callers, and I really do not deal with them.

3 January 2014
  310-879-0523  Gardena, CA - Like I said, return caller.  This would be their fourth call, not that I am keeping track.  This was one of those late calls, coming at 8:45PM.  Who the fuck does 'business' at that hour?  I know Target it open, but Target is awesome, there is a need for Target to stay open.  No one likes telemarketers, so why open so late?  Hell, why the fuck open at all.  Fuck off!

6 January 2014
   360-322-6663  Marysville, WA - Looks like a new player in the game.  Or, just a new number, I  received a call from Marysville in August of 2013.  Those fucking hipsters in the Pacific Northwest are not only an eyesore, they are an ear sore.  Ha, see that I did there?  Welcome to Fuckoffville.

8 January 2014
   701-771-9654  Rugby, MD - I wonder if this is where the sport of rugby originated.  Do you think the telemarketers have a rugby team?  Probably not, do not seem like the active type.  I hope these telemarketers get tackled by a rugby player. Fuck you.

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