24 January 2014

Back In Time - Kickstarter

Back In Time movie poster, signed by director and executive producer
I just received the first 'reward' from the Back In Time Kickstarter campaign.  A poster signed by the Director, Jason Aron and Executive Producer Louis Krubich.  Back In Time is "A film about the cultural impact of Back to the Future—30 years later—told from the viewpoint of the DeLorean Time Machine."  This is the first of many rewards, I will have more in the months ahead.  Stay tuned.

The documentary is planned to released around the 30th Anniversary of the Back to the Future film as part of the We're Going Back celebrations.  There will surely be more 'surprises' as we get closer to 2015.

Update 27 January 2014:  My t-shirt came in today.

Back In Time t-shirt
Adding another DeLorean/Back to the Future themed t-shirt to the collection.  This one features graphics matching the movie poster.  Exclusive to Kickstarter campaign backers.  I think this is the last of my rewards before the movie premiere.  After the release, there will be a Blu-Ray and digital download.

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Awesome! Envious!