10 August 2012


Holy shit!  Three weeks between calls.  Can you believe my last call was in July...and I only had two calls last month?  Oh, you thought I was slacking off?  No fucking way, I am but a soldier in this army that is fighting against these terrorist.  I cannot...we cannot give up.  Otherwise, the telemarketers win.  Besides, these posts bring in a lot of traffic onto my blog and I think people are entertained with my comments.

I almost thought that the Do Not Call Registry was working.  I think the Olympics has distracted the telemarketers for a few weeks. 

10 August 2012
   360-474-3968  Marysville, WA  Well, of course this shit is coming from the Pacific Northwest.  That is the hub of terrorism.  Fuck these people.  Washington and Oregon, home of hipsters and telemarketers.

30 August 2012
   310-356-0410  El Segundo, CA  Wow, twenty days between calls...and only the second call of the month.  This call almost caught me off guard.  It is a somewhat local call and a new, almost legitimate looking number. A quick search on Google confirms that it is a telemarketer/spam number.  Fuck you!

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Martini said...

The DNC Registry is shit. I am not kidding when I say this: as soon as we put our number on the DNC list, our telemarketing calls increased nearly 10 fold. We were so mad we just disconnected our phone for a while.