29 December 2012

The RLC Special Edition DeLorean

Matching plates
I totally forgot this came out during the holidays.  This is the ultimate DeLorean, at least at the 1/64th scale.  I started working on this over a year ago by working off the 2010 New Model version.  There are some areas of the 2010 model that I just did not get right.  I did not have my car yet, so I was working off pictures, things are a little off.  I took measurements off my own car and reworked it for 2012 version...and, this one has opening doors. After all, this is for Red Line Club, the top of the line Hot Wheels.

Chrome plated ZAMAC body

Neo-Classic wheels with bent axle design

Recognize the plates?
There is no brushed finish, but we had to keep with the look of the line.  So chrome body and Neo-Classis wheels.  Here is the write up from HotWheelsCollectors.com:

After much anticipation in the marketplace, the DeLorean DMC-12 arrived on the scene in the early '80s. Despite a disappointing performance, it became an icon of the era after being used as a time machine in the Back To The Future films. A New Models edition in 2010, the first Hot Wheels casting of this vehicle performed well as a collector favorite. Now we present a new tool -- this time with opening gull-wing doors!
Hot Wheels Designer Manson Cheung took measurements from his own 1:1 DeLorean in order to painstakingly recreate the most accurate Hot Wheels representation possible of the actual car. This casting was engineered with authentic opening gull-wing doors, the interior of which features hand-spray painted detail. With a hand-polished chrome-plated finish and Neo-Classics Redline wheels, this is one release you will appreciate time and time again!
  • Features: Opening gull-wing doors
  • Body Color: Hand-polished chrome-plated finish
  • Body Type: Chrome over ZAMAC
  • Wheels: Neo-Classics Redline wheels w/bent axle suspension
  • Base: Full-metal, matte black chassis
  • Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
  • Interior Color: Black
Hey, I even got my plates on there.  My car is immortalized in die-cast.

The car behind the car, literally and figuratively
There have been quite a few Hot Wheels DeLoreans released in the past two years.  Especially, if you include the Back to the Future Time Machines.  Recently, I was asked on DMCTalk to list all the Hot Wheels DeLoreans. 
2010 New Model - 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 Retail $1

- Silver painted Zamac (metal) body, Black ABS Chassis, Grey ABS Interior, Blue tint K-Resin Window, Black ABS Louver, Multi-spoke Mediums with chrome hot stamp. This is the first release, and all DeLoreans hereafter (unless noted) are the same sculpt, only difference is in paint and molded colour.

- Gold painted Zamac, Black ABS, Tan ABS, Clear K-resin, Black ABS, Multi-spoke Med with Gold There are some mis-coloured interiors due to the mix of plastic. It is not suppose to be 'pink' or 'flesh...just tan.

- Black painted Zamac, Black ABS, Charcoal ABS, Clear K-Resin, Black ABS, Multi-spoke Med with chrome

2011 New Model - Back to the Future Time Machine $1

- Silver painted Zamac Body, Black ABS Chassis, Grey ABS Interior, Blue tint K-Resin Window, Metallic Charcoal painted Zamac Fusion reactor, Multi-spoke Mediums with chrome hot stamp Time Machine built off existing DeLorean car, although no parts are interchangeable.

2011 Faster Than Ever - 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 $1

- Same sculpt as 2010 New Model. Difference is the Clear window, Black Interior, Faster Than Ever Wheels with bronze hot stamp, and wide black side stripes.

2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - Back to the Future Time Machine $35

- Same sculpt as 2011 New Model. This one has way more paint ops, making it look 'better' than the $1 version. Differences from the Basic model (other than paint) are Clear coated Zamac body, Black painted Zamac Chassis, Clear K-Resin Window, Medium Real Riders Turbine wheels with rubber tires. All packed in a pretty display case and beautiful box. Limited to 3000 (I think, maybe 3500) Available only at San Diego Comic Con (now on second market), sold out. 
2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard - Ahead of Its Time - 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 $3

- Same sculpt as 2010 New Model. Differences: Clear coat Zamac Body, Black painted Zamac Chassis, Dark Grey ABS Int, Clear K-Resin Window, Black ABS Lourve (same as rest), Real Rider Turbine Wheels with rubber tires (same as SDCC and RLC BTTF2 cars). This was a limited run due to the Boulevard line being cut short by retailers, so only a percentage of the proposed amount were produced. The Boulevard line being considered a 'Premium' line for adult collectors, it features Direct Ink Jet (DIJ) graphics instead of tampo printing found in the Basic ($1) lines. Most of the higher end lines have DIJ.

2012 Light Speeders - Back to the Future Time Machine $5

- Same sculpt as 2011 New Model. Differences: Grey ABS body, Black painted Zamac Chassis, Dark Gray ABS Interior, Clear K-Resin Window, Plated Zamac Fusion Reactor, Same wheels. This has a special plastic body that turn colour with UV light. Comes with UV 'flashlight' and BTTF themed stencils for decorating.

2012 Red Line Club/Hot Wheels Collector Exclusive - Back to the Future Time Machine 2 $20

- Mostly the same as the SDCC Exclusive with the only real difference being the Fusion Reactor piece is replaced by Mr. Fusion, as seen at the end of Part I and all of Part II. Packed in standard RLC packaging with window on card so you can see both sides of car while in package. Limited to 3300. Available only through HotWheelsCollectors.com, made to order.

2012 RLC/HWC Exclusive - DeLorean DMC-12 (with opening doors) $20

- Polished and plated Zamac Body, Painted Zamac Chassis, Black PP Interior, Clear K-Resin Window, Polished and plated doors, Medium Neo-Classic Wheels with bent axel design. Totally new sculpt. I reworked the car to better match the real car. I did not have my car when I made the first one for 2010 line. I took measurements off my car to make this one the best (as it may be the last) DeLorean that Hot Wheels can make. Although, some sacrifices were made (wheel size, graphic application, opening feature) because of production limitations. Also, this one is an Automatic, all others were Manual. Packed with doors open in same blister as RLC BTTF2. Limited to 4000. Available only through HotWheelsCollectors.com, and soon at delorean.com.

Soon to be released

Hot Wheels Elite - Cult Classics - 1/43 Back to the Future Time Machine $60 +/-
- You can still pre-order these from BTTF.com I just got the FEP's about two weeks ago, so it should be ready to ship about in about a month...hopefully. I talked about it briefly at DCS and in a few posts in this thread. This is all new, comes in a standard case. There are some minor 'production issues' and 'communication problems with our vendors', but overall, I think you guys will like it...at least I hope you like it.
Wings up

I will have more information on the Hot Wheels Elite 1/43 Time Machine, later.


Martini said...

Holy shit! I'm sweating with excitement looking at that.

Corinthian Bewlay said...

Hey Manson,
Seeing that you are a DMC-12 savant can you tell me the differences between the Bandai/Mattel Charawheels versions of the BTTF Time Machines and the Hot Wheels Retro Enrtertainment versions?

Also what's the specialness of the RLC BTTF Time Machine?