29 January 2013


Did you think I was done with this series?  Hell no, this is the most popular series (by views and searches) on here.  No way I would abandon this.  I just have not received any calls in a while. 

Can you believe it has been just over two months since my last call?  Granted I was on vacation for about a  few, and had my phone turned off...but that was only for maybe ten days.  Was it because of the holidays?  When telemarketers go on vacation, we all go on vacation.  I did not even think these fuckers would celebrate holidays...they have families?

Anyways, it looks like these assholes are on the prowl, again.  Bitter sweet, on one hand, I get harassed by these cunts.  On the other hand, I get to rant about it.  And, you know how I love to rant...and I know how you love to read this.  So, I take one for the team, for your enjoyment.

29 January 2013
   202-480-3747  DC, USA  Now, who the fuck in Washington, DC would call me?  I hope that this is not a matter of national security.  You know what?  Fuck you, Washington!  Fuck you!  The Federal Trade Commission is located in Washington, DC and you fuckers cannot even get the telemarketers from setting up camp in your own backyard.  You did great for two months, but you failed to see that there is a hub within an arms throw from you.  Hey Congress, how about you pass a fucking law to ban all telemarketing and enforce it...ENFORCE IT!   Fucking useless.

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