29 January 2013

Red Line Club DeLorean - Supplemental

As you know the Red Line Club Special Edition DeLorean is limited to 4000, and they are individually numbered (0XXXX/04000).  It just happens that my VIN on my DeLorean falls right in the middle.  So, the quest was on to get #01942.  I realize that this is really nerdy...keep in mind that I got the license plate on the toy to match the one my car.  My nerd threshold is pretty high.

I shots some emails to request one.  I had my people contact other people's people.  My Engineer/Planner was contacting the plant overseas and the distribution center in Wisconsin.  Long story short, the manager at the distribution center was opening boxes to find this one car out of four thousand.  Meanwhile, I was searching on eBay for my elusive unicorn.  I even ordered a couple in hopes that one of them would be it...and just to have them around.  Alas, it was not to be found.

DeLorean Motor Company ordered about 200 to sell at their store.  This also allowed those in the DeLorean community to get this car.  Well, those who were too lazy to register at hotwheelscollectors.com, and complained about not being able to get it...even thought I told everyone about it months in advance.  By the way, registration is free.

Anyway, DMC posted the numbers they got so that some owners would want to match their VIN.  See?  I was way ahead of the nerd curve.

While DMC-Houston did not have my VIN, it was possible DMC-Midwest had it.  I gave Julee a call and lucky for me, she had it.  Julee seems to be my Hot Wheels hook up, she gave me the Boulevard version that I was unable to get.  A few days later, I got the car.

Matching VIN on my car and my RLC car
A great end to a chapter, but not the end of the overall story.  When I ordered the RLC car from Julee, I also ordered a set of shocks for the car.  I have been wanting to lower the back of the car, since I lowered the front a couple of years back.  More on that saga in the next few months.

More Trivia:  Today is my three year anniversary of DeLorean ownership. 

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