26 November 2012


Just when I thought we could go an entire month without a call...I get a text.  Okay...technically, it is not a 'call'.  Fuck it, I was contacted through my phone by a lesser life form that wants to sell me something.  Like I said, texts cost me money. Since it has been a while, and I have a little time, we are going to have fun with this one.  At least, I am going to have fun.

26 November 2012
   213-442-8574  Los Angeles, CA  Here is the message that cost me twenty cents:
Sent by unregistered version of SMSCaster:
Hey its vicky havent talked to u in forever msg me here www.justhookup1up.com i put pics on my profile my username is s
Let me break this down.  "Unregistered version of SMSCaster"?  What the fuck is SMSCaster?  Obviously, I do not know that it is.  Therefore, I should not be 'signed up' for it...and I sure as fuck should not be getting any messages from them.  On top of that, an 'unregistered version'...so, we are both not registered.  How is it possible that you can obtain my information through some third party that neither of us are a part of?  Fuck you!

"Hey its vicky havent..."  Really?  No use of upper case for a name?  Using contractions without the use of an apostrophe? I hate when people use "u" instead of "you".  I guarantee that this cunt is unable to distiguish between "your" and "you're".  Vicky vicky could also use a few punctuations like commas and periods, perhaps a even a colon.  Fuck you!

I am going to take a wild guess that the site had more virusess than vicky's snatch.  Fuck yo...well, ah, carry on.

"my username is s"  Really, your username is one letter?  Why "s", why not "vicky" or some derivative of "vicky"?

Update:  There is a neat little function that allows me, a 'blog owner', to see statistics of traffic sources by keyword search.  One of the search entries was, "hey its vicky havent talked to u".  That led them to here...awesome.

Someone searched for 'hey its vicky havent talked to u'

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