22 October 2012


Can you believe that it has been over a month without a call?  Yeah, thrity two days since the last call.  I know, seems like a life time.  Is the Do Not Call Registry actually working?  This is election time and I will vote for the candidate that eleminates telemarketers.  This will help stimulate the economy and create jobs.  Face it, telemarketing is not a job.

Seriously, it has been so long, I think I forgot who to do this.  In all my excitement, I almost forgot to report this to the Do Not Call Registery. But this shit is like riding a bike.  On with the show...

22 October 2012
   253-246-8553   Kent, WA  These mother fuckers have called before...yeah, no shit.  But here is the kicker, they only called last year in October.  Of course, they had to call me six times. Go fuck yourself!

26 October 2012
   202-769-7192   DC, USA  Holy shit, a call from Washington, DC.  The president needs me, I must go on a sercret mission.  Oh wait, it is a fucking telemarketer call.  Shit, we were doing so well with just one call a month.  The flood gates have opened.  Fuck!

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