25 October 2011


Starting off the month with a call on a Monday morning.  There was a three week gap, bu tit picked up really fast.

3 October 2011
   253-246-8553  Kent, WA  New player from Washington.  Wonder how many times these fucknuts will call. 

25 October 2011
   360-529-6100  WA, USA  Another call from Washington, three weeks later.  I like the peaceful three week gap.  Still, I am reporting this number.

27 October 2011
   253-246-8553  Kent, WA  Well, hello.  Apparently Washington is the new terroist hub.  Second call from Kent.

   253-246-8553  Kent, WA  Really, twice in less than a hour?  Fuck you!

   253-246-8553  Kent, WA  Oh you motherfuckers.  Three times in one day, total of four.  Yeah, go a head and fuck yourself.

28 October 2011
   50222571565  Unknown  What the fuck kinda number is that?  A call at 6:30 in the morning?  Fuck you!  Where is Kent, WA?

   253-246-8553  Kent, WA  Ah, there you are.  For those keeping track, that is call number five.

   253-246-8553  Kent, WA  Twice in one day, total of six calls from this number. 

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