06 October 2011

One Year Later

One year later.  Look at all the cool cars I designed.
 One year ago today I broke, fractured, and disloated my wrist.  I have to say that it was the worst...and best experience in my life.  I like having a piece of titanium permenently screwed into my bone.

I documented the experiece here in this blog.  You can follow the multipart story HERE.  You can also view the pictures I have taken of my wrist throughout the year.  I took at least one picture a week with various backgrounds, view them HERE.

Edit:  I realized that I should list the cars in the picture.  Thanks to mikeH in the comments , which by the way is the 100th comment I have received.  Not sure if there is a prize for that.  So, from bottom to top:
  •  1981 DeLorean DMC-12 - 2010 New Model
  •  Ghostbusters Ecto-1 - 2010 New Model
  •  Back to the Future Time Machine - 2011 New Model
  •  Arkham Asylum Batmobile - 2011 New Model
  •  A-Team Van - 2011 New Model


mikeH said...


Picked up a couple Time Machines at my local grocery store the other day for myself and WI. I have yet to see an Ecto-1, and is that an A-Team van stacked there as well? I gave my 3-year old nephew a silver delorean last time I was out to visit him as well. Good stuff.

And congrats on not being too badly damaged.

walkinvisible said...

mikeH's prize ? a medicine hat tigers to-go cup and a box of jaffa cakes... shhhhhhhh i haven't given them to him yet.

ps: you are probably the coolest guy i know. even though i don't really know you. same diff. x