27 October 2011

My DMCev Video Going Viral

The video I shot during my ride in the Electirc DeLorean has been seen a few times by people around the world.  DMC somehow found it and posted a link on their Facebook page.  I never really did any promotion for it, except for showing some people at work.  Now, Autoblog found it and has used it in their article.

This is what they wrote:
The electric DeLorean DMC-12 is coming 2013, so says Humble, Texas' reborn DeLorean Motor Company. That was the shocking announcement made by DeLorean in mid-October at the DMC Texas Open House.

But what else occurred on that mid-October day? Well, apparently a handful of DeLorean enthusiasts got to test drive DMC's electric prototype. Now, we can't say for certain whether this clip shows DMC's own electric version of the DMC-12 or the work of some shadetree mechanic, but we can say with confidence that DMC's Cameron Wynne (son of Stephen Wynne, owner of DeLorean) is the one who is driving the electric vehicle around the track.

Dubbed the DMCEV-12, DeLorean claims this electric time machine hits 60 miles per hour in a quick 4.9 seconds and warps to a top speed of 125 mph, though we'll have to wait to hear more about total range. Reports suggest the limited production DMCEV-12 will retail for approximately $100,000.

Hit the jump to check out some shaky in-car video of the electric DeLorean lapping the 3/8-mile track at Houston Motorsports Park
Oh wait, there is more.  My video is also featured on engadget.
It's already clear that you're selling everything you own in an effort to purchase a 2013 DeLorean DMC-12 EV (and in turn, apply for a home tax deduction when you begin to live out of it), but what hasn't been clear is exactly how it'd perform on the wide open road. Truthfully, we still aren't entirely certain of that, but thanks to a raucous new video of a prototype on the track, we do know that it looks like the most (PG) fun you can have while sitting atop four wheels. We aren't going to hold you here any longer -- hop on past the break and mash play. 60mph in 4.9. 88mph in however long you want.
Also featured on emgCarTech.
Last week we brought you news of DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) working on an electric car. We now have a video showing the new in new Electric DeLorean prototype hitting up the track at Houston Motorsports Park.
In 2013, you will be able to purchase the Electric DeLorean for somewhere around $90-$100 grand. Funny thing is, we’ve always imagine the Back to the Future DeLorean always being a fully electric car.
Next thing on DeLorean’s list? Making the car fly and time travel.
From TechEBlog:
Finally, a video showing what it's like to drive the upcoming 2013 all-electric DeLorean has been released. It features "a mysterious box labeled 'Flux' on it and aside from the iPhone dock, 125 mile per hour speed and 260 horsepower, built-in GPS navigation system, DMC is remaining mum on the vehicle's specs." Video after the break. 
From Geeky Gadgets:

Some of readers will remember the new electric DeLorean that was announced recently, the car which was originally made famous by the Back To the Future movies will go on sale in 2013 powered by an electric engine.
Now we get to see our first video of the DeLorean EV in action, although the video is shot from the inside of the car, so we don’t get a good look at the outside, but we all know what that looks like.
The DeLorean EV is expected to reach speeds of up to 125MPH and will reportedly come with over 200 Bhp when it goes into production in 2013.

I figured if they use my video, I can use their words.  Here is my video, in case you do not want to read through that long post below.  Although, this is getting long as I am find more blogs out there using my video.

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