18 April 2011

Urban Dictionary

Because of my previous post, I think there is an opportunity to have an entry in Urban Dictionary.  This is my submission for the term "Click Loophole".

Based on the movie Click.  The event occurs when one is willing to believe that there is exsist a remote control that can be used to manipulate real life as one would with a television or playback device (This includes stopping/pausing time, fast forward, rewind, etc.), yet unwilling to believe that Adam Sandler can get with Kate Beackinsale.
While one detail is quite possible (Sandler with Beckinsale) and the other pretty much impossible (magical remote control), one is willing to believe the latter.
In Tron: Legacy, the "Click Loophole" moment is when there is a roasted pig at the dinner table.  Everything up until that point makes total sense, including Flynn being trapped in the grid for over twenty years. 

Waiting to see if it gets in.

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