15 April 2011


Who grows up wanting to be a telemarketer?  Where does one go to school, or what would one major in to start a path to annoy people via telephone?  Your parents must be so proud of you.

4 April 2011
   478-442-4002  GA, USA  This was another text message that cost me twenty cents.  There is a number to call, so feel free crank call them...or report them to Homeland Security as a possible terrorist threat to the United States.  877-225-2304

6 April 2011
   425-587-1005  Kirkland, WA  Something about credit cards.  Hmm, Kirkland...I wonder if that is where they may all the Costco stuff.

7 April 2011
   203-242-6898  Huntington, CT  Another text message, another twenty cents the terrorists owe me.  Seriously, why invade other countries when there are terrorist cells right here in our backyard.  Not only am I paying more at the pump, I have to pay each time these terrorists text me.

14 April 2011
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND  Wow, a full week without a call.  I was just thinking to myself, "hey, it has been a while since I have been harassed by terrorists".

15 April 2011
   701-625-5444  Martin, ND  Yep, again.  I want to see how many times they call from this number.  The record is eight from a number...until I answered it.

21 April 2011
   269-537-2029  Niles, MI  Darn, missed call.

26 April 2011
    480-719-7434  AZ, USA  Missed this call, too.

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