06 April 2011

Six Months Since the Accident

Six months later, with Snoopy blanket
I lost count of how many weeks, but it has been six months.  You would think it is six times four...24 weeks.  But really...hold on, I need to do some math.  Okay, I am back.  It is actually 26 weeks, makes sense, since there is 52 weeks in a year.  That is 182 days since my injury on 6 October 2010.

I have taken a picture every week since my injury and uploaded them HERE

Hockey season starts up in about a month.  I have skated a few times and the wrist is feeling good.  Actually, I was amazed that I still have a decent wrist shot and slap shot...not that they were any god before the accident.  Cannot wait to play again.

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