06 April 2010

More Mods to the DeLorean

I need a spare key for my car. One key is not enough, in case I lose it (not likely) or emergency. I called up DMC Headquarters in Humble, Texas and actually talked to the Vice President of DeLorean Motor Company. How awesome is that? Yeah, pretty awesome!

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I put reflective vinyl in the bumper letters. Wait, what am I talking about? Well, here is a picture of a DeLorean bumper, not mine.

Notice that the letters are recessed. There is a stainless steel letter kit that is available.

Looks great, right? Yeah, I thought so, too. But I am too cheap to spend the $50-75 to get it. Ah, but I did have some 3M reflective vinyl laying around. Here is what I came up with. First, let me show you what it looks like in the dark.

Now, photo taken with flash to simulate headlights shining at it. The vinyl reflects light directly back to the source. If you were to drive behind me at night, and you have your lights on, you would see this.

I know, way cool. I also wrapped one of my bikes with this stuff. This is unique to my car, as far as I know...heck, I had to measure each letter and hand cut the vinyl. I did post this mod in a DMC forum, so others may get inspired by my creation.

This weekend I fixed a droopy seat. A torn rubber backing resulted in the seat bottom sagging and leaving me, the driver, very low in the car. Also, the side cushions kinda pinched the sides of my thighs and butt. My simple ghetto fix was to shove two pieces of wood underneath the seat to elevate it. A better fix? Ratchet straps normally used to secure cargo, like on trucks. Anyway, I strapped them in and raised the seat cushion up to its intended height...which was about 3-4 inches.

That is about it for now, more mods to come...and again, it will involve LED lights!

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Anonymous said...

looks awesome... someday I'll leave the building and go and look at / sit in it!