24 April 2010

My "Highlight Reel" Goal - Part II

I scored an awesome goal this morning. Unfortunately, there is no video evidence of this. You will just have to take my word for it as I try to describe it for the two people who sometimes read my goofy blog. Oh, and this is really for me, so I can remember how awesome I was.

Let me set up the situation, because the next five to ten mintues should have been nationally televised. I was on the bench and watched one of our guys (Eric) get an interference penalty as he bumped into opposing player along the boards. The other guy tried to rough up Eric, this lead to another one of our guys (Han) to push that same opposing player. Long paragraph short, we got two penalties against.

Actually, it gets better. Han got a ten minute for 'arguing with ref'. Actually, he was trying to figure why we got two penalties and the other team got nothing...as the other player pushed Eric's head down and tried to sit on him. That is what lead Han to defend Eric. Oh, Eric is like my size...the other guy about a foot taller. Han was eventually ejected from the game, the ref does not like him very much.

Okay, so I am out there to kill the 5-on-3 penalty kill. Gary took the face of and I was basically on defense with Guy. Yeah, me...playing defense...short-handed by two men. What were they thinking? Face off was to the left of our goalie, Phil. I think Gary lost the draw as the puck went to the point. I really do not know what happened, but I somehow ended up in the right point to take the defenseman.

He fumbles the puck, I steal the puck and flick it down the ice. I had a half step on everyone and rushed down the right wing. Now, I am a left-handed shot, so I protected the puck on the outside. Saw a stick reach in from my left and I did that "get that stick out of my way" thing with my left arm, as I cut across the crease. I pretty much do this move every game because it looks so damn cool, usually without any success.

So, I cut across the crease and the guy hauls me down as I get off the first shot. Ref signals for a penalty. The puck hits the goalie's pads, rebounds and hits my skate. By this time, I am mid fall. The puck pops up in the air after hitting my skate. Now, I am on my back, one foot next to the goalie, the other leg under the other player. I see the puck floating in the air and I bat it in the goal...in mid air. We are talking textbook hand-eye coordination, here, folks. Let me tell you, it was fucking awesome! A 5-on-3 short-handed goal!

The penalty that I drew was cancelled, because I scored. I celebrated with a fist pump and high fives from my teammates. Too bad it was roller, if it would have been ice, I would have celebrated like Theoren Fleury. This was only the first period and the goal put us up 2-1, so no real need to 'celebrate'. Good thing too, because eventually lost the game 5-2, they are the better team, top of the league. But, I scored a highlight reel goal, I only wish there was video to back up my total awesomeness. I really think I would have made it to TSN, and/or HNiC on CBC. Okay, it barely would have made it on YouTube.

UPDATE: The awesomeness was similar to this awesomeness.

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