05 March 2010

Simple Tips On How NOT To Annoy Me

Here are a few tips for those of you who are making "product review/presentation" videos.

- Use a neutral background. Use a different colour than that of the product you are presenting

- Wear a different colour shirt that colour of product.

- Stop moving the product being presented. In fact, stand/sit still during your presentation.

- Camera guy, refrain from zooming, panning, and/or tilting camera. Hold the camera still, invest in a tripod. Oh...FOCUS!!!

- Check audio levels and make sure music (if any) is not annoying and loud. Oh...SPEAK CLEARLY and refrain from using "um", "uh", "like", etc.

- Any graphic element should not shield the product from viewer.

- Take the time to light the product.

- Rehearse. Do not just use the first take. View the video before posting for all to see.

Okay, back to YouTube...

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walkinvisible said...

fyi: you are officially an honourary canadian because you spell colour with a U. in fact, you can consider yourself an honourary canadian because you (presumeably) spell honourary with a U.