24 March 2010

Random Thoughs - Part II

So, the Flames may or may not make the playoffs. They are fighting for that eighth spot with Detroit. In other news, Phoenix and Chicago are fighting for top spot in the West. Yeah, I said Phoenix. Amazing what a simple, yet good, coaching change will do for a team. Funny, there was another team that made an off season coaching change and is not doing so well…refer to first sentence.
Hopefully, the Flames can stay on track and put together some wins to ease into the playoffs. That nine game losing streak in January is coming to bite them in the ass.
My hockey season started a few weeks back. There are only four teams in our division. That means every team gets a guaranteed playoff spot. Team is doing okay, we are in solid second. As for me, I have only one goal, one assist, and one penalty in five games. I really need to pad my stats some how.
Anyway, I have been working on my car for the past few weeks. For not being a “car guy”, I am sort a car guy. List of things I have done since I got the car:
- Replaced door lights with LED’s
- Replaced interior lights, engine compartment light, luggage compartment light, glove compartment light, and license plate lights with LED’s
- Replaced side maker lights with LED’s
- Replaced all center console and binnacle with…you guessed it...LED’s
- Installed a third brake light. By the way, the third brake light uses LED’s
- Installed a battery maintainer.
Things I am about to do this weekend...or maybe later today:
- Install dome light delay. Why? Because I swapped out all the lights to LED’s and the stock module only works with incandescent bulbs.
- Replace window switches. Somehow, I shorted one out. I got a brand new pair of “improved” ones that also light up.
In the future, I want to install…or have someone else install…a lowering kit on the car. Right now it sits a little high. Actually, I checked to see if the rocker was level with ground…it sits about a quarter inch higher in the front. So, I may have to do something about that. But, that is a big project, way down the line.
Oh, and I totally want to see Hot Tub Time Machine. I think the movie will do for hot tubs, what Back to the Future did for DeLoreans. In about twenty five years, I might just get a hot tub.

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