28 February 2010

Bitching About NBC's Olympic Coverage

So, once again NBC gets the Olympics license for the US. Well, they suck. How should I start...

Drama: NBC loves to create drama with their little documentaries on athletes. The five to ten minute segments can easily be replaced by...well, let me think...how about Olympic events? How about the actual sport. There are hundreds, thousands of other athletes competing at the games, show some guy/gal who's name no one can pronounce and from some country I have never heard of. You want drama? Let the sport produce its own drama.

Coverage: If the US is not involved, NBC will not show it. Oh, how I wish I had the Canadian feed so I could watch some curling. Unfortunately, most of the country is not interested in 'non-US sports'. What a shame, how can a sport grow in this country without exposure from "the world's greatest stage"?

I have also noticed that they like to show sports that are quick and easy to transition in and out of. They like events that can finish in three to five minutes.

Time: "Recorded earlier from a live broadcast" - Uh, last time I checked California is in the same time zone as British Columbia. Why do I have to watch things with tape delay while the east coast gets to watch it live? I get "previews of what is to come" on the news that precedes the events. Just show the event.

Speaking of news...half the news is about the Olympics. Well, why not just show the Olympics, LIVE...then show the news? Surely people can sacrifice two weeks of 'news' for the Olympics. All of prime time is already on break, the news should be also.

I guess it is working for them, so expect more of the same in London.

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