29 May 2007

Santa Ana to San Diego, 100 Miles Part Deux

Here are more pictures from the ride. Photos by Jeff O'Brien.

SwarmLA pumping up his tires. If you like that wheel, it was for sale.

My bike, along with John Martin's and the Ostendorff's tandem bike in the back of John's truck. Thanks again, John, for taxiing us to the train station and back home after a long day.

Unloading the bikes, I just like standing in the bed of a truck.

Putting on my shoes. That is John on the right, this time he remembered his.

Ah, the founding members of the Yellow Swarm.

SwarmLA is not the only one pumping tires that day. Notice the goofy tan line.

Group photo of the riders. Twenty four total riders, twenty regular bikes, two tandems. The one in the red Hot Wheels jersey is the driver of the support vehicle. If you look really close, you can see my bike in the back...the one with the monkey on it.

At 07:30, set our computers to zero and rolled out. It was like a red mile, only this one is blue. You can see the support vehicle in the back. Steve, president of the club, is in front in the yellow helmet. Eric and Debbie on the tandem.

There I am towards the back of the pack. Next to me is SwarmLA, and way in the back is John Martin. It was a great ride, I am sure will do it again next year.


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