18 May 2007

I have goofy tan lines

First off, yeah, those are Snoopy PJ's. Snoopy and I have history together, but more about that later. Anyway, I have some pretty non-sexy tan lines. In fact, they look really stupid. I look like I wearing thigh high stockings.

This is a result of last week's ride from Santa Ana to Oceanside. A four hour date with the sun and my legs scored. I guess this is normal for cyclist, but check out my wrists...

This is what happens when you wear a long sleeve shirt and full finger gloves. On my right hand there is a nice tan line from my Livestrong wrist band. On my right, the gap between my watch and gloves. It looks like I was whipped by Indiana Jones. I keep thinking my wrists are dirty, at least they sorta match.

Next week is the ride (from Santa Ana) to San Diego. I am sure I will have some more interesting tan lines to share afterwards.


swarmLA said...

Spare us...TOO MUCH information here!

I'm gonna have to take your link off my blog if you keep posting pics like this. Snoopy sucks by the way, it's all about Woodstock.

Today's ride was rough. I think it wiped out the rest of my weekend.

murph said...

wear fingerless gloves and tan the tips of your fingers. two other tans lines to watch out for are the circles from the glove closures and at your temple from your sunglasses.