31 May 2007

DeLorean DMC-12

As I was walking to work on Tuesday morning, I saw this:

This is my dream car. I have seen this particular one before, it seems like the owner shows up here about the same time each year. It has a few dents, but overall in pretty good condition. There are some after market parts. Skirts are not stock, license plate holder has been painted, extra mirrors, and had obviously been lowered.

I was hoping to catch the owner so I could maybe sit in it. Better yet, he may let me take a for a spin around the block. I do not even mind just sitting there and he drive me around. I would even pay for gas. Notice the gas cap on the hood, that means this one is from 1981. Yeah, I am that obsessed!

Needless to say, someday I hope to have my very own DeLorean DMC-12. Feel free to get me one for whatever reason, thanks.


swarmLA said...

Why would anyone want this car? It's so cheap they couldn't even put a paintjob on it. It sucks.

awildermode said...

I could always have Noodles paint it...NOT!