02 May 2022


May!  Here we go...

2 May 2022

  925-659-5503  San Ramon, CA -  Quick robomessage to start out the month.


 No idea what they are pushing, but we do not need it.  And, there is a good chance that this is a scam.  Fuck you!

9 May 2022
  310-207-3548  Los Angeles, CA - We love these kind of calls.  They leave a message, but our outgoing message is to long that none of their stupid message got through.  Ha, fuck you!

We interrupt this blog for a quick message.  Check out these videos on pranking scammers:

Yeah, a lot to watch but what else are you going to do...work?

10 May 2022
  1410200503 -  Ah, the good old "your account is locked" gimmick. 


We could go into detail of the telltale signs that this not legit, but by now everyone knows.  Fuck you!

11 May 2022
  806-860-0007 - Well, that is an interesting number.  Just interesting enough to be flagged as a Spam Risk and caught by Call Protect.  Also, confusing to have 806, then 860.  Fuck you!

12 May 2022
  856-931-4609  Bellmawr, NJ - Oh, there is no typo there.  Bellmawr is a city in New Jersey.  Yeah, we totally thought it was Bill Maher.

Actually, a spoofed telemarketing call from Bellmawr is better than a call from Bill Maher. So, we broke even on that.  Still, fuck you!

  215-452-4539  Philadelphia, PA - Textbook cold call.  Fuck you!

  847-451-0598  Franklin Park, IL - Busy day.  Is there some sort of telemarketers convention, today?  Fuck all y'all!

17 May 2022
  626-560-8415  Alhambra, CA - While this could be a legit wrong number, we like to err on the side of caution and file this under telemarketer.  Fuck you!

20 May 2022
  831-524-3247  Hollister, CA -  Oh, Hollister...like that Abercrombie and Fitch store?  Their headquarters is in Ohio, no where near the central coast of California.   All about the image.  Fuck you! 

  434-823-6991  Crozet, VA - A small town in the middle of Virginia....where no one suspects there to be any telemarketers.  Today, small town America.  Tomorrow, all of America.  Wait, too late.  Fuck you!

25 May 2022
  909-465-0880 - Chino, CA - Chino, like the pants?  Here is something interesting.  Chino is the Spanish word for China.  It just happens, the cotton pants back in the day...and now...were sourced from China.  During the Spanish-American War, American armed forces stationed in Philippines got these awesome cotton pants, and the name stuck.

That may or may not have anything to do with the city of Chino.  We did not dig too deep.  But at least now, you know about the pants.  

Anyway, this is another spoofed call on the 45th Anniversary of the release of Star Wars.  How dare you? Fuck you!

  562-384-2975  Lakewood, CA - Yawn...another Spam Risk call, also caught by Call Protect.  Yawn.  Fuck you! 

27 May 2022
  adrienneagnes53@hotmail.com - Like most people, at 3:33AM, we are sound asleep.  Although...


These are great to see.  While it is something different, it is the same shit.  The beauty of these is the way they are worded to get us all hot and horny.  

"Just send a message and ask to fuck"

How sexy is that?  Who is not turned on at 3:33 in the morning with that?  

Fuck you!  Wait, should we phrase that in a form of a question?  Fuck you?

28 May 2022
  469-974-2109 - Not just a plain old text from Plano, TX.  Okay, you got admit, that was pretty good.

Anyway, we finally got another one of those "you paid your bill, here is a gift" texts.


Look how beautiful this one is.  Sure, we have dealt with scams like this before. But, this one has a cute little picture that makes it so convincing.  Wow, even our May payment was received and it is not even the end of the month. Do we get those few days for free, or is this a telemarketing scam?

Oh, you bet we did a search on the number of origin.  Spoiler alert, not AT&T.  Fuck you!

30 May 2022
  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - One...

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Two...

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - Three...

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - Four.  Four calls from this number.  Back to back calls over three minutes, twice.  Are we to expect another set of calls every six hours?


Not shown in image, but this was also double blocked by Call Protect.  How was your Memorial Day?  Fuck you!

31 May 2022
  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA - So, we are doing this? 

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA  - Again?

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Back to back calls

  310-929-7956  Avalon, CA -  Back to back days


That is eight calls in two days, following a similar pattern from yesterday.  Tune in tomorrow for another series of four calls.

Fuck you!

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